Announcing the "Ramona Knows Best" Furniture Drive

I spend a whole day every twenty pages fixing what I call Womp Face. I assumed it was just a brain thing, that facial proportions just go wonky on me because I am busted in the head. I tend to distort faces as if they were silly putty, pulled up and to the left, too small on the right side. I flip pages over and overcorrect the other way, hoping they come out somewhere in the middle.

Fixing Womp Face is tedious, tedious work.

Ramona Fradon, if you don't know her name, is an amazing lady, a pioneering woman drawing comics during the Silver Age. She drew Aquaman, Brenda Starr, Plastic Man, Metamorpho... so much! She's been around the block a time or two, and when a cartoonist who can still draw like a house on fire at 89 tells you you draw cockeyed because you draw on your lap, well, maybe it's time you got a drafting table.

I have drawn not even one page in twenty years on a drafting table. I don't have any of the setup. SO... since it's not just the table but the right kind of lamp and a chair that won't kill my back and maybe a new lightbox, a whole rig: I have to say, if anybody is inclined to throw me a couple bucks to further this goal, I have new items in my shop. I will be attending SPX in a few days and NYCC in a few weeks, and I am open to accepting commissions at lightspeedpress (at) gmail (dot) com.