The Valentine's Day Sale and ECCC Commission List!

  Time to lower some prices, make some offers, and start a new list for commissioned drawings! If you want to buy a drawing for a partner, friend, or lover, email me at lightspeedpress (at) gmail-dot-com, and I'll have an e-card you can give to them over the wine and cheese!

  Cover art is now on sale, and books will ship free once I figure out how to do that! Watch this space...

  EDITED TO ADD: Ok, can't figure out how to do free shipping. But there is a percentage discount code until the 21st! Enter WHYAORTA during checkout, and thank you in advance!

  EVENING UPDATE: Holy merde! All the covers are gone! 

Well, I still have some NO MERCY covers left: Death Beach, BLUR/Gap Year Kids, Sister Ines/Disney Princess, aaaaand Chad Boo Hiss. Shall I put those up tomorrow? I'll put 'em up.