My first prose story, published by The Verge 2/8/19

It’s called Move The World, and it was a pretty bumpy buggy ride. It feels so naked without any pictures, but that in itself is probably good exercise— if a story has to stand up without images to make its points, it might strengthen the story in several ways. Not in all ways, because there are so many skills that a writer has to have to write prose that don’t overlap with comics at all: brevity and precision of vocabulary, or the right word at the right time, that was a big one. Sense of momentum I found I could manage, that wasn’t so different. But one of my studio sisters, upon reading it, chuckled over how visual it is. This is undoubtedly because I was straining to “see” everything I was creating, since I wasn’t going to be drawing this story after the writing part was over. Unless I do.

And how ‘bout that art? Zoë Van Dijk, that sure is pretty art!